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    Concreting Over Concrete

    We do a lot of work replacing driveways. Whatever the surfacing material used, age and use can take their toll on driveways. Cracking and crumbling can occur, along with a host of other problems depending on which surfacing material your drive is made out of. What you’re left with is uneven and unsightly.

    As concrete driveways become increasingly popular, there are more of them about, and, of course, there’s a bit of variety in the quality of driveways out there. While you’ve got the quality of the kind of work we do at one end of the scale (the good end!), there are other firms who don’t match up to our standard.

    When we’re doing work at a property, we’ll pull up and remove old surfacing as part of the process of excavating the area, and then filling that excavation with sub-base. We’ll take that spoil away with us, naturally.

    Sometimes people ask why we can’t just lay our pattern imprinted concrete over their existing concrete driveway. Well, yes, in theory you could do that, but it wouldn’t be the best idea. Pattern imprinted concrete poured on-top wouldn’t be stable; it’d crack and lift off the old concrete. There’s no point replacing an unfit driveway with a new one which will also fall apart.

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