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    Patio Season

    We’re waving goodbye to October, and November is almost here. Sadly, it looks like it’s time to accept that summer has been and gone. We hope that you enjoyed it while it lasted.

    As well as installing pattern imprinted concrete driveways, we can also design and install pattern imprinted concrete patios. If you’ve just spent the summer without a patio, or with a patio that just isn’t up to scratch, you might be thinking of investing in one for summer 2011. Well, we’re the people to talk to.

    a pattern imprinted concrete patio with steps

    a pattern imprinted concrete patio with steps

    Patios are social areas, and, whilst driveways also see some social use during the summer, we think that you’re more likely to spend quality time on your patio. So you need it to be two things: attractive and durable. You don’t want an ugly, eye-sore patio, and you don’t want one that’s cracked and crumbling. With our pattern imprinted concrete patios, there’s no need to worry about either of these issues.

    If you are considering investing in a pattern imprinted concrete patio, or if this blog-post has got you interested, we suggest that you take a look at our case studies. You’ll be able to get an idea of the standard of our work – we’re confident that you’ll agree that it’s impressive – and you’ll also be able to look at examples of how attractive well designed and well installed areas of pattern imprinted concrete can look.

    Imprinting Concrete Takes Attention To Detail

    We’ve got a reputation across the north west for installing excellent pattern imprinted concrete driveways, patios, and other related products. And we’ve built that reputation by working hard, by knowing what we’re doing, and by paying attention to detail.

    We pay attention to detail when we meet our clients. By listening to what you want to get from our property, we can properly explain what it’s possible to achieve with pattern imprinted concrete. And it means we can offer the best possible driveway design advice.

    And we pay attention while we’re installing your pattern imprinted concrete driveway. It ensures that the standard of work we deliver to each client is always as high as possible. After all, nothing damages a contractor’s reputation as quickly as dissatisfied and disgruntled customers. So, we like to keep you sweet. Every stage of the driveway  installation process – from initial excavation to the final tidy – is done properly.

    If you’ like to see some examples of the results of our attention to detail, there are quite a few in our case studies. As you should be able to see, we’re good at what we do. So, if you’d like to get in contact with a contractor that isn’t going to cut corners, and is going to leave you with a high quality pattern imprinted concrete driveway, remember that we provide free, no-obligation quotations.

    Get Some Front Garden Design Ideas

    The internet is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? With no internet, for example, there’d be no way for you to check out our online case studies gallery. Also, it wouldn’t be nearly as convenient for someone who’s after a pattern imprinted concrete driveway to contact us for a free quote. It’s also a great place to research topics, or to find inspiration and advice.

    Now, we’ve written before about potential design ideas for your front garden. But, as you may have noticed, we’re a pattern imprinted concrete driveway business, not a garden design business. So, we thought, why not give you a bit of advice on how to find some front garden design inspiration?

    Search engines are your friend, particularly their “image search” functions; typing in “small front garden design ideas”, for example, should provide you with a few interesting photographs. Of course, the thing about search engines is that they will throw up some results that are less than helpful. SO sometimes it’s better to go a bit more direct. Most gardening magazines and TV-shows have their own dedicated websites now, and there should be a wealth of photos and articles. And don’t forget the national newspapers; a lot of the broadsheets now have gardening and/or property supplements, both on- and off-line.

    So, if you’re looking for something to do to your front garden, there’s a wealth of information out there. Just remember to pay attention to your driveway needs: parking space is always at a premium, and pattern imprinted concrete offers an impressive amount of design flexibility.

    Things you Never Knew About Concrete #8

    Concrete Canoes.

    In this series of blogs, we’ve previously mentioned ferrocement ships. Well, here’s another example of one of concrete’s most counter-intuitive properties – the fact that, depending on its composition, it’ll float. By messing around with aggregates it’s possible to come up with a number of different types of concrete which will remain buoyant.

    It’s with this in mind that the annual concrete canoe competition was started in America. It’s a competition open to engineering and civil engineering students at American universities, and it’s been running for over 30 years, in one form or another.

    According to the official concrete canoe competition…

    “Students’ efforts to combine engineering excellence and hydrodynamic design to construct water-worthy canoes have culminated in an advanced form of concrete construction and racing technique known as the ‘America’s Cup of Civil Engineering.’“

    We wonder what those American students could do with some pattern imprinting mats. There are a lot of videos on Youtube of the annual concrete canoe race. One thing that you’ll notice if you watch a few of them, is that although concrete canoes are remarkably buoyant – and pretty nippy – they aren’t the best looking boats out there. Those students have neglected the final stages – pattern imprinting and sealing.

    Resealing Prevents Algae And Moss On Concrete Driveways

    Nature is a pretty resilient thing. Of course, it’s very important to be ecologically aware, and people are increasingly acting “green”. This is, we’re sure you’ll agree, good news for the planet.

    On a small scale at least, nature continues to do what it does best. This is particularly true when it comes to plant growth. It’s the reason why home owners have to resign themselves to tasks like weeding; nature is hardy, and if something gets a chance to grow, it probably will. If you’ve purchased a pattern imprinted concrete driveway, you should have fewer problems than people who chose other surfacing options. But be aware; over time, moss and algae can still be an unsightly nuisance.

    There’s a one word answer: resealing. Applying sealant to the surface of your pattern imprinted concrete driveway blocks the pores in the surface of the concrete. This makes it a very inhospitable environment for plant growth.

    Your contractor should seal your pattern imprinted concrete driveway as the final part of the installation process. It’s important that you have you pattern imprinted concrete driveway resealed every 5 years at the very least.

    You should also keep your driveway clean. Don’t worry; it doesn’t need to be done weekly. An occasional clean with a stiff-bristled brush and/or a pressure washer (set to fan, not pencil, to avoid damaging the sealant) should do it.

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