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    Watercress For Weeds In Ponds

    We understand that a lot of our customers aren’t too keen on weeds. In fact, if you’ve read this blog before you might’ve noticed us banging on about them. And we stand by what we’ve said; a pattern imprinted concrete driveway really can solve the weed problem, at least on the area of your property which you have surfaced.

    Here’s an interesting anti-weed tip that we found out about recently, and this time it’s for aquatic weeds. Apparently, bunging some watercress into your pond can work wonders when it comes to getting rid of blanket weed and duck weed.

    So, if you’ve got a pond, it’s something to bear in mind. Next time you’re out the garden centre, pick up some watercress, and it should help to clear up any weed problems you’ve been having with your pond.

    When it comes to your driveway, the best way to guard against weeds is to have a properly installed solid surface, like our pattern imprinted concrete. Because pattern imprinted concrete driveways require an excavated area to be lined with a membrane and then filed with sub-base, and are too strong for weeds to grow through, there shouldn’t be any problems with weeds on your driveway.

    Grit On The Roads

    During winter, if there’s a cold snap, councils will salt and grit the roads. And this salt and grit may do wonders for wheel traction on the roads, making driving significantly safer. But it’s not necessarily the best thing for your driveway or your car. Salt can be a corrosive. And although it’s not a massive issue, it is something that you should be aware of.

    Your pattern imprinted concrete driveway should, as the final stage of its installation, be sealed with a specific sealing product. This sealant will protect the driveway’s surface, meaning that the colour should remain vibrant. It also means that the concrete should remain structurally sound for much longer. Regularly (2-5 years) resealing your driveway will have a definite effect on how long it lasts.

    This sealant should protect your driveway from the majority of substances that it’ll come into contact with. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. We’d suggest that you avoid using chemical de-icers on your driveway, or using them sparingly. Also, we’d suggest that rather than applying salt and grit to your driveway, you experiment with laying down some sand, which should still help with traction.

    Of course, one winter’s worth of salt and de-icers should be fine. However, if you live in area which annually sees snow and ice, it might be worth coming up with a method for dealing with it that takes the best possible care of your driveway.

    Driveways In The Rainy Season

    During autumn and winter in the north west, the rain can really set in. That’s when having an area of hard surfaced driveway can really pay off. Some surfacing materials are more susceptible to flooding than others, especially some of the loose surface options like gravel and slate chippings.

    A properly installed pattern imprinted drive will have adequate drainage. Drainage needs to be installed to ensure that water doesn’t collect and sit on your driveway. Driveway drainage is also necessary to ensure that rain water isn’t running off your driveway and onto your lawn or the pavement.

    Your contractor should take into account issues like drainage when they’re planning your pattern imprinted concrete driveway installation. They should also consider other driveway features like manhole covers, which will need access. Of course, at CD Designs we know our way around these features.

    So, if you’re thinking about purchasing a pattern imprinted concrete driveway for your property, we suggest that you keep an eye on how your current driveway responds to the amount of rain it gets over this autumn. If you notice areas where it pools, remember where they are so you can point them out to your contractor when it’s installation time.

    Plant Now For Next Year, Organise Driveway As Well

    If you’ve got green thumbs and enjoy spending time in the garden, you’ll know that over the last couple of months it’s been the right time for planting bulbs and completing a few other seasonal garden tasks. Now winter is approaching, and there are a few things that need to be sorted. Planting bulbs around this time of year means that, when spring arrives, you’ll have plenty of flowers. And contacting us now to find out about pattern imprinted concrete driveways means that by spring you could be ready to go with your installation.

    Installing pattern imprinted concrete driveways should ideally take place during drier periods, and obviously these are less frequent in autumn and winter. But that doesn’t mean that you should put off thinking about your driveway surfacing needs until next year.

    Get in touch with us now for a free, no-obligation quotation, or to get answers to any questions specific to your property. Then you’ll have an idea of our rates, which should help you with budgeting.

    Of course, if you’re not planning on investing any money into the exterior of your property until next year, you do have the luxury of really looking around at possibilities. We’d suggest that our case studies are a good place to start. And if you do get a quote from us, it’ll give you something to compare against any other contractors you speak to.

    Mixing Classic And Contemporary Pays Off

    According to an article we were reading over on the Wickes website, there’s been talk on a few different website (and in a few different publications) about mixing old and new looks in home improvements.

    That’s something we definitely agree with. And while that article we’ve linked to might be focussed more on interior design, it can hold true for the outside of your property as well. The patterns we can imprint onto concrete are based on classic surfacing materials and designs. Materials and designs like Ashlar Slate, Cobbles, and Herringbone Brick. These are surfacing options that people have been picking for years. Now you can benefit from the look of those traditional surfaces with all of the added benefits of concrete. Installation is quick, the surface tough and durable, and any pattern imprinted concrete driveway should stay in good condition for a long time, especially if you follow the simple maintenance routine.

    If you take some time to explore the case studies section of our website, you’ll see a number of examples of excellent pattern imprinted concrete driveways. Whether your house is an older, more traditional building or a new-build, investing in a pattern imprinted concrete driveway can really pull the look of your home together. And, of course, it gives you somewhere suitable for parking the car!

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