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    Home Improvements To Avoid

    A while ago, the Royal Mail group released the findings of some research that they’d carried out. This wasn’t your usual “top ten” list of home improvements… quite the opposite in fact. It was a list of the least desirable home improvements, according to the home owners they questioned.

    What topped the list? Apparently, the home addition that people liked least was a “del-boy style” built in bar. Which surprises us, to be honest. Obviously, anything that’s “del-boy style” should probably be treated with caution. But we didn’t expect the result to be an interior bar. A poorly installed driveway, that we could understand.

    A badly installed driveway looks terrible and isn’t fit for purpose. Conversely, a well installed pattern imprinted concrete driveway will make your property move attractive, will last for years, and will be a joy to park on. Take a look at our case studies for some examples of finished pattern imprinted concrete driveway installations.

    The article contains a load more interesting facts and statistics; it’s available here. There are some interesting tips for people who are looking to do up their property in order to sell it. It’s worth a read. Of course, our number one tip would be: get in touch with Complete Driveway Designs, and get your driveway sorted ASAP.

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