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    Nothing Wrong With Going Grey

    A recent bit of research we found claimed that grey is becoming an increasingly popular colour when it comes to home improvements. And we can see why; we suggest and install grey concrete for a number of our customers.

    Don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting that we leave your pattern imprinted concrete driveway unfinished. We’re not talking about the natural grey colour you might immediately imagine when you think of concrete. We’re talking about grey colourants which we can add to concrete as part of the pattern imprinting process. These colours, sometimes combined with a release formula for extra contrast (picking out the fine details of the imprinted patterns), are attractive. Here’s an example of platinum silver, and here’s an example of classic grey. See what we mean?

    Classic grey and platinum silver are amongst our most popular concrete colours. They’re subtle shades that don’t visually dominate, but are also very attractive. The perfect package, really.

    If grey isn’t your cup of tea, we can colour pattern imprinted concrete a number of different shades. Combinations of colours and patterns lead to some really attractive results, and with our years of experience installing pattern imprinted concrete driveways, we’re the perfect people to advise you on what would suit your property.

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