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    Concrete Eating Machine

    We’re in the business of installing pattern imprinted concrete, not removing it. Although, of course, when we are installing a pattern imprinted concrete driveway, there’s usually some spoil that needs to be taken away. This is because we excavate your original driveway, or the area which you want your driveway to cover. We fill the area from which we’ve removed spoil with sub base, and then we pour out that lovely concrete.

    The spoil is removed and then disposed of. Not, we have to say, quite as dramatically as this concrete is disposed of. We found these videos on the internet and thought they were worth sharing. Anyone who’s a fan of big pieces of plant and equipment should have a quick look through. It’s a pretty impressive shredder!

    Take a look through all those videos and you’ll see all manner of stuff getting chewed up. Including bowling balls and lawnmowers. Madness! When we install a pattern imprinted concrete driveway we bring a fair amount of equipment with us if it’s going to be necessary, up to and including our own grab truck. If you look through our case studies you’ll probably see the grab truck in the background of some of them. We’ve yet to require the services of a huge industrial shredder though!

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