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    Garden Pests

    Garden pests. Don’t you just hate them? If it’s not your neighbour’s cat it’s minibeasts like viburnum beetles damaging your plants. Sometimes gardens are a lot more work than you’d expect them to be; there’s always something that needs to be sorted out.

    Sometimes it’s worth looking at additions to you garden that might simplify your garden tasks. By replacing some of your lawn with pattern imprinted concrete, for example, you’ll have an impact on the amount of lawn care you need to perform. Pattern imprinted concrete needs to be resealed every two years or so; that’s significantly less work than a lawn requires.

    And, of course, if you want a pattern imprinted concrete driveway or patio installed, you’ll want to get some contractors in to deal with it: it’s less effort for you, and more peace of mind as well. It’s the equivalent of having professional gardeners come in to treat your lawn… with a product that lasts for years.

    When we install a pattern imprinted concrete driveway, we can also lay new turf, erect decking, and install fences and gates; a complete property make-over, to be honest. And, in the unlikely event that there’s a part of your project that requires something we can’t provide, we’ll know someone who is up to the job.

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