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    Planning an early summer holiday?

    Are you planning a summer holiday this year? A lot of people seem to be taking early summer holidays this year. Obviously, this can present problems for people with children who are still at school, as taking your offspring out of education for a week or two is increasingly frowned upon. But the traditional six week summer holiday period is busy-busy-busy. This makes it harder to find accommodation, and, of course, means that everything costs a little bit more; you’re paying because it’s peak time. So it’s understandable that people are looking to travel at other times.

    At Complete Driveway Designs, we definitely do get busier during the summer. The good weather makes pattern imprinted concrete driveway installations a lot easier. That’s not to say we can’t also install pattern imprinted concrete driveways at other times of year; we can and we will if it’s possible, although obviously we don’t want to be laying concrete in pouring rain!

    One of the benefits of taking your holiday before the summer rush is that it means that during July and August you’ll be at home; you can enjoy the best of the UK summer and get more household tasks done in the sunshine. Like, for example, bringing in some contractors to install a new pattern imprinted concrete driveway…

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