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    A New Generation of Listed Buildings

    Aside from the obvious aesthetics that are associated with concrete – pattern imprinted concrete driveway, new iconic architecture and even a concrete dress, the examples to be found of early concrete builds can also be defined as a thing of beauty.

    Concrete buildings, particularly post-war period, struggle to achieve listed status as they’re comparatively ‘new’ builds but these examples of modernist architecture are fast disappearing and there are campaigns and debates around the UK to protect these leviathans of concrete that straddle the British skyline.

    Some buildings have already made the grade and along with the cult Trellick Tower and Concrete House, which we have covered in some more detail for you, we can also add Dudley Zoo and the BBC Television Centre to the list. Scotland has been instrumental in protecting its own iconic concrete structures and several community and educational sites have been added to the protected list.

    We know from the results we can achieve with pattern imprinted concrete driveways that concrete isn’t just made for building residential and commercial blocks – it’s also an artistic and sturdy material which structures such as the Concrete Sculpture of a Man in Essex and the Emley Moor Transmitting Station can confirm. Emley Moor is a television transmission tower on the Yorkshire hills and as well as withstanding the blustering winds for all this time it’s the tallest free standing building in the UK, and ranks 25th tallest in the world – we’re impressed!

    We’re proud of all the pattern imprinted concrete driveways that we install and as a nation I think we should be collectively proud of all of the concrete structures that have helped to shape our landscape.

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