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    A Concrete Driveway Spring Clean

    Maintaining pattern imprinted concrete driveways is simple and when compared to block paving and tarmac, it’s the obvious choice for those of you looking for a lasting, easy to clean look.

    Block paving requires a bi-annual clean which involves brushing the driveway before washing, scrubbing and rinsing – not to mention replacing the sand from between the paving stones once dry and then applying a weed killer and sealant!

    Tarmac, with its rough, moss-attracting surface, has similar maintenance issues and the moisture it retains can lead to problems with lichen and algae so the surface must be treated and kept free of any weeds and even debris that can cast shade upon the tarmac.

    A pattern imprinted concrete driveway needs only to be washed down with some soapy water to keep it looking like new. If the driveway needs a really good spring clean then a power washer will clear the space of any weeds and tyre marks but even then there’s no extra effort required on your part.

    From time to time it’s a good idea to have the driveway resealed to revitalise the pristine finish of a freshly installed driveway.
    Resealing the concrete will protect it from wear and tear so that you’re pattern imprinted concrete driveway will look as good as the day it was laid, for as long as you care to maintain it.

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