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    Olympic Concrete Use

    One of the key themes of the London games has been sustainability. The UK team won its bid on a pledge to make the 2012 games the greenest in modern history and they are, together with the International Olympics Committee, committed to fulfilling this promise. The plan is to follow the ‘One World Living’ ideals set out by the WWF and sustainability solutions organisation BioRegional, this set of principles aims to promote health, wellbeing and sustainability. This means that as far as possible the construction of the Olympic park will be completed with low carbon and recycled building materials and, with 1.3 million tonnes of material being used in the development, concrete is a huge part of this.

    Aggregate Industries UK Ltd are supplying the ready-mix concrete for the Olympic Park, A very similar blend to that used in pattern imprinted concrete driveways, have adapted to meet the demands of the Olympic Delivery Authority for responsible sustainability in building materials. ODA Chief Executive David Higgins praised the company saying that they had “demonstrated a clear commitment to meeting and exceeding targets using recycled materials and transportation by rail.”

    The statistics are very impressive; over 22% of all the total aggregate used in the combined construction of the Olympic village, stadia and media centres has come from recycled aggregate resulting in an estimated carbon reduction of around 35%. The hope is that the sustainable methods used on this grand scale will start to make their way into the domestic market, with pattern imprinted concrete driveways for residences also being made from good-quality recycled aggregate.

    For a few weeks in the summer of 2012 the eyes of the world will be on London. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate exactly what sustainable construction can deliver and concrete will play a major part.

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