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    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways For 2011

    The driveway is one of the first thing visitors will see as they approach a house and so it’s only right that homeowners are beginning to treat this vital part of the house  with a sense of pride. Gone are the days when the drive was just somewhere to park your car, more and more people want their driveway to complement and even add to the character and value of their homes. Already this is one of the major trends for home improvement work in 2011 with patchy tarmac and loose flags being replaced by high quality, easy-to-maintain pattern imprinted concrete driveways.

    The Concrete Network, one of the largest and most important international resources for users of concrete, called imprinted concrete the most popular new method “for creating a feasible and unique design” for a driveway. The concrete driveway is stamped imprinted with a range of patterns, closely resembling expensive brick, tile or stone but can be installed for a fraction of the cost of these materials. These imprinted concretes are also available in a range of colours, from the tried-and-tested popular Steadman Buff to the on-trend Plum, helping homeowners to make their driveways one-of-a-kind, attractive features.

    In these times, when money is on everybody’s minds and we rarely have the time to spare, it’s great to know that pattern imprinted concrete driveways are affordable and easily maintained, and have real curb appeal.

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