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    The Concrete House

    You might be on the lookout for a pattern imprinted concrete driveway but how about a 19th century concrete house? Due to the age restrictions around listed buildings concrete structures don’t often make the grade – but there are some and we’ve found some really interesting places to share with you.

    The first building we’re going to cover is the rather aptly named ‘The Concrete House’. Located in Dulwich this site was built in 1873 by Charles Drake of the Patent Concrete Building Company, and designed by Charles Barry Junior whose father had rebuilt the Houses of Parliament.

    Using concrete at this time was a real cutting edge approach and marks a shift in architectural design. There were plenty of oppositions to Drakes choice of materials as some doubted the aesthetics of the finished build.  The Concrete House is the only surviving concrete structure from the 19th century to be found in Britain and has achieved Grade II listing.

    Sadly, we can’t imagine the estate requesting a pattern imprinted concrete driveway any time soon as the site has stood empty for over 30 years and is now in a real state of disrepair. The state of the property has divided the public opinions of the property – many claiming that The Concrete House is an eyesore and rife for demolition, but with a little bit of love and attention we’re sure the house can become a magnificent landmark and milestone in concrete building.

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