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    Trellick Tower of Concrete

    One of a handful of concrete listed buildings is Trellick Tower in North Kensington. The building was designed by a Brutalist architect Erno Goldfinger and finished in 1972, not only is it a young building to make the Grade II listing but it’s also a controversial form. The 98 feet tall building has an outer lift shaft linked by concrete walkways to the main bulk of the building which house over 200 flats. Like the similar social housing initiative ‘The Crescent’ in Hulme, the building suffered from high crime rates and garnered a poor reputation but unlike the Crescent, the building still stands and is now mainly private occupants in residence.

    In fact, the Trellick Tower and it’s harsh concrete silhouette on the London skyline has become a cult edifice and flats can sell for just under half a million! Imagine how many pattern imprinted concrete driveways you could buy with that amount! It’s no surprise that this iconic example of modernist architecture has received media attention and has been used in an array of films, TV, music videos and it even has a song named after it.

    Under the watchful eye of English Heritage, the concrete facade was painstakingly renovated by a specialist concrete restoration firm. Failed attempts to match the original colour and style meant that the restoration firm had to redo their initial attempts and the job proved to be as imposing as the tower itself.  We think the tower should further embrace the iconic concrete build…maybe by installing a pattern imprinted concrete driveway!

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