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    A Crack Garden

    When cultivating the perfect grounds for your property, there are many things to think about and keep in balance. Take nature versus civilisation: a plain non-pattern imprinted concrete driveway or concrete slab can look rather soulless and empty if there is no flora surrounding it to add contrast.

    If you are stuck in the middle of an inflexible concrete jungle and can’t install a pattern imprinted concrete driveway, why not make a few small changes, and let Mother Nature give you a helping hand? You are no doubt familiar with plants that can grow in even the smallest of crack or depression, tenaciously clinging to life via the scare resources available? In many situations they are seen as weeds, but here they can be used to your advantage.

    The concept of a crack garden is simple but effective – take a pneumatic drill, and make a carefully planned series of cracks in your paving. Then select plants with a small root spread, and seed your cracks with them, allowing them to flourish, and add a touch of class and beauty to your otherwise gritty pattern imprinted concrete design. You’ll find that there are a surprising variety of plants than can grow in such conditions – herbs, vegetables, flowers and more. You can see how CMG the landscape architecture firm created their own crack garden.

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