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    A Polished Concrete Desk: A Thing Of Beauty For Your Office!

    At CD Designs, we are always throwing around original, innovative ideas for your home, proving that have more tricks up our sleeves than just pattern imprinted concrete driveways. Indeed, concrete is a very versatile material that can work in a surprising variety of situations!

    Polished Concrete Desk

    Polished Concrete Desk

    Take the polished concrete desk. It is perhaps strange to think of a building material being used to create a classy piece of office furniture, but this is perfectly possible! A polished concrete work surface can give a similar look to marble, but at a fraction of the cost.

    To start with, you should draw up a plan of the desk you want to make. Concrete can be very heavy, so it is a good idea to create the concrete element in multiple segments, so that you can actually lift it to where you want it to go, and to reduce the risk of breakage.

    To create your concrete work top, build a mould out of something solid like melamine sheets, using silicone caulking or similar to build any intricate shapes into it.

    In terms of the concrete mix, you don’t need any kind of special solution – about one part cement to three parts water is fine, which enough water added to give it the texture of thick porridge. Pour in the mould, vibrate it a lot to get rid of air bubbles and leave it to set for two to three days. Before the concrete has set, you can choose to decorate the surface by embedding crushed glass, and strengthen it with wire mesh.

    You will also need to grind the surface down, fill in holes, then polish with a set of polishing pads down to a fine shine. The final step is to coat the surface with a nice clear sealant. Beautiful!

    Refer to the Instructables guide to How to Build a Polished Concrete Desk for a more complete guide.

    Image via Instructables

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