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    Choosing A Colour Can Affect A Pattern

    When designing pattern imprinted concrete driveways and patios for our customers, it has always amazed us what a huge variety of options are available and achievable. Even the same material AND pattern can yield vastly different results if you simply vary the base colour used and the finish.

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete in Platinum Silver

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete in Platinum Silver

    In this article we’ll be talking about colour, and focusing on Ashlar slate, a material that we’ve done a lot of work with. Ashlar slate is a nice hard wearing material, great for a neat fairly formal look, but also versatile, suiting a variety of situations and shapes, whether you want a professional looking driveway for major kerb appeal, or a nice gentle secluded patio out back. It can also be effectively cut into a variety of shapes, eg rectangular or circular.

    If you look at some of our case studies you’ll witness the variety we are talking about. Brandleshome features a classic pattern imprinted concrete driveway and matching path in a fairly neutral colour that fits in well with the surrounding brick walls, lawns and foliage. Benbecular Way on the other hand has a driveway in a bright tan colour for a much bolder effect. Finally, the driveway at Eden Park is using a platinum silver colour with a shiny finish, which again gives a distinct feel and character, even though the material is identical and the pattern is the same throughout most of it.

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