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    Potholes In Your Road? Tell The Council About It!

    When you are working hard on perfecting the look of your house, either in preparation for selling it or just because you want everything to look exactly right, there is so much to do! And not just inside – yes, your colour scheme, fixtures, fittings and layout are important, but it’s the outside that makes the first impression! Outside, you have so many options – lawns, flower beds, bushes and trees, gravel, rockeries, and of course pattern imprinted concrete driveways!

    Potholes in your Road?

    Potholes in your Road?

    There is a lesser-thought about aesthetic problem to consider too. The considerations mentioned above take a long time, and a lot of effort, planning and decision making, but at least you have direct control over them. The problem I’m referring to is wear and tear on the roads, paths and pavements around your area. The most aesthetically radiant property can be robbed of kerb appeal by dangerous uneven footpaths and large pot holes in the surrounding area, and there is nothing you can do about this directly.

    But you can complain to someone who can!

    The roads, pavements and footpaths in your area are usually the property of your local council/government, and it is their responsibility to make sure these public areas are kept in a condition where they don’t become dangerous, or an eye sore. It is therefore perfectly reasonable for you to contact your local council and ask them to make repairs where needed. Most councils have a dedicated page on the Web detailing how to do this. To find this, go to your favourite search engine and search for “Report Problems on Highways and Footpaths [NAME OF YOUR LOCAL COUNCIL]“. In the event that your council doesn’t have such a page, find a general contact phone number or e-mail address for your council, and ask them what to do to report the problem.

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