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    The coolest driveway in the world: a new contender?

    Last year we looked at a contender for the coolest driveway in the world – an amazing private racetrack found adjoining a house on the outskirts of Lakeland, Florida ( If there is anything cooler than having your own carting track outside your house, then we really don’t know what it is!

    Or at least we didn’t, until we heard about the driveway of New Zealand Rally champ Rod Millen! He has taken the race track driveway concept and expanded it further, with what he calls the “Leadfoot Ranch”. This mile long track leads up to his ranch in Hahei, New Zealand, and took several years of planning, paving and clearing of debris. It is a race-paved daredevil drive, featuring many classic features inspired by the very tracks Millen made his name on including a brutal hill climb, a bridge for onlookers to stand on to witness the spectacle, hair raising hairpin bends, speedy straights, and more!

    And rather than keep it to himself, Millen opened it up to fellow racers such as Jeff Zwart and Rhys Millen, for a 60th birthday spectacular he dubbed the “Leadfoot Festival”. the racers were hot, and the cars were hotter, including an Audi Quattro B Rally replica, a V8-powered Escort and an 800-hp Toyota Celica racer.

    Video: nzheraldtv / YouTube

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