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    Top five tips for a perfect patio!

    When implementing a pattern imprinted concrete patio, don’t just slap it anywhere on your property: you need to give it some serious thought, and this goes way beyond just choosing the material and pattern! Below we present to you our top 5 tips for a perfect patio!

    Finished Concrete Patio

    Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patio Installed by CD Designs

    1. Think about how much space you need: Sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed at the number of times we’ve seen a patio design that doesn’t allow for all the items the owner might want to rest on top of the patio. Think about tables and chairs, BBQ, outside heater, etc. Before designing your patio do a “dry run” on your lawn or driveway, laying out everything you need and looking at the amount of space that requires.

    2. Consider the BBQ: Pretty much every self-respecting patio needs a BBQ, so you can take full advantage of those four days of UK summer sun! But you need to think about where to place this to maximise usefulness and safety. Also, do you just want an empty space for a separate BBQ, or a built in brick structure?

    3. Where will it be placed: You should look at whether you’re going to place your patio so it directly adjoins your house, or not. If not, you should build in an attractive path to provide a route to the patio. What works best? You should consider having it easily accessible from a door.

    4. My friend the sun: Are you a sun worshipper, or a vampire, or somewhere in between? How much you like the sun should influence your patio position – where in the garden gets the most sun?

    5. What is going to go immediately around the patio? To really make the visuals shine, consider bordering the patio with attractive brick work, or flower beds, or look at trestles to grow plants, or sculptures and other artwork. It really is up to you!

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