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    A Light That Keeps Shining … Even After It’s Turned Off

    If you are looking for some revolutionary luminescence to give a real sparkle to your domestic setting, listen closely – we’ve discovered a new type of light that you really should look out for! Put simply, we are talking about a light that will continue to give out light for hours after it has been turned off. Spooky, Supernatural, or simply awe-inspiring?

    Trap Light - Ambient light from the photoluminescent glass

    Trap Light - Ambient light from the photoluminescent glass

    Dubbed the Trap Light, this new creation actually works on fairly simple science. Created by recent graduates from the Design Academy Eindhoven, the light is housed in a glass container with a layer of photo luminescent pigment embedded into it. When you switch the light on, the perfectly normal light bulb inside the device radiates light, and the photo luminescent pigment layer is stimulated into an excited state, sucking up all the photons it can get its greedy hands on. When you turn the light bulb off again, the pigment gradually releases all those trapped photons, giving visible light. A mere thirty minutes of shining bulb or LED can give up to eight hours ambient light after turnoff. Incredible!

    Remember when you were a child, and you used to be fascinated by glow in the dark stickers, action figures and pens? It’s exactly the same principle.

    These new lights are very environmentally friendly, as they can generate light for longer using less power, with many varied applications. Imagine a pattern imprinted concrete driveway lit up with a gentle glow via several of these lights. Imagine a child’s night light that will keep on glowing hours after it is turned off, or after a power cut.

    Image via Trap Light

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