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    An Armoured House To Survive The Apocalypse?

    Some of you might shudder at the very thought of the word apocalypse. The word brings up visions ranging from famine and war through to gangs of vicious hoodlums, and armies of hungry zombies all ravenous for your grey matter! You might think that apocalypse-proof houses sound like madness, and that we are a far cry from needing to adopt such extreme measures.

    An Armoured Concrete House - Open

    An Armoured Concrete House - Open

    Some however are already preparing for the worst, as they see it. Take the Safe House, located on the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland, and designed by KWK Promes. When opened up, this beautiful triumph of modern architecture looks spacious, well-lit and multi-functional with a concrete and metal frame filled in by metres and metres of glass, revealing exercise equipment, a swimming pool and elegant seating arrangements to onlookers.

    An Armoured Concrete House - Open

    An Armoured Concrete House - Closed

    What they might not realise is that, with the press of a button, several large electronic motors come into play that cover all openings in sight with huge concrete doors, turning this leisure palace into an impregnable fortress! Oh, and the only entrance to the property is on the second floor, accessible only by crossing a retractable drawbridge. I’d love to see any would-be burglar try their luck on this one!

    Images via KNStrct

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