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    Concrete Can Help You Keep Safe By The Swimming Pool!

    A swimming pool is a really nice addition to any residential setting or leisure complex, which will provide hours of fun and relaxation. You do however need to keep safety first and foremost in mind, as swimming pools can be very slippery places and any sizeable body of water can spell disaster, especially for non-swimmers and small children.

    Concrete Pool Safety

    Concrete Pool Safety

    As is the case in so many situations, pattern imprinted concrete can come to the rescue! Concrete is a very common material for building most parts of a swimming pool, with the actual pool base normally being made out of a double layer with steel in between for reinforcement, and the walking areas surrounding the pool being made out of thinner concrete blocks.

    The walking areas need particular attention – you should make sure the walking surface has a fairly rough texture that provides a good compromise between reducing slipperiness underfoot, and not being uncomfortable. and there is no reason why you can’t combine this with an attractive colour scheme and pattern!

    Other good uses for concrete around a swimming pool include:

    • A fence built up around the pool, with a lockable gate, high enough to stop small children getting in when the pool is not being monitored.
    • A small outhouse nearby with lockable door, in which to keep any hazardous pool chemicals.
    • An enclosure in which to keep toys, floatation aids, and other pool accessories, to avoid clutter that could create tripping hazards.

    Photo by Julien Haler

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