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    Escape To The Zoo From The Concrete Jungle

    Think for a minute back to those childhood memories of visiting the local zoo, staring at the sad-faced animals through the bars of their ugly enclosures of concrete, glass and wire mesh, of staring intently at the exotic insect cases with excitement before realising that what you thought was the exhibit is actually a stick, and of eating an ice cream in the rain.

    Concrete, at the Zoo!

    Concrete, at the Zoo!

    Sounds bleak, doesn’t it? But the truth is that zoos needn’t be ugly concrete prisons. The animals needn’t feel like captives all the time. All zoos need to do is be creative with their enclosures, using well-sculpted concrete structures that mimic features of the animals’ natural habitats to make them feel at home. There are obvious applications such as rocks, cliffs, waterfalls, pools and riverbanks, but why stop there? How about using careful textures to give the appearance of different types of rock and even wood? Tree stumps? Termite mounds? Waterfalls are a lovely feature to consider as well, the base of which could easily be made out of concrete. And how about thinking carefully about the shape of your terrain, providing tailored nooks and crannies to encourage the growth of many different varieties of plant?

    Check out the Klassen Concrete site for more of their zoo pics.

    Yes, there really is more to concrete than simple pattern imprinted concrete drives. It’s a jungle out there.

    Images via Klassen Concrete

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