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    The QuaDror: A Revolutionary Concrete Building Block

    The QuaDror is a revolutionary folding building block, created by Israeli designer Dror Benshetrit, which really could change the way we build things. It is constructed from four identical L-shaped pieces, arranged like two yin yang symbols on top of one another, and joined via a unique corner hinge. This allows it to sit totally flat, or fold out into a unique geometric structure. This structure is incredibly strong, aesthetically intriguing and pleasing, and very versatile. Because the base shapes and overarching principle are so simple, the QuaDror works well when constructed out of a variety of materials, and in solid and outline shapes.

    You really have to see this to believe it, so check out this QuaDror Vimeo video before reading further:

    QuaDror from Dror on Vimeo.

    It has been decided that the five main applications of the Quadror are:

    • Dividing: The QuaDror can be used to very quickly build up strong walls, fences and other dividers.
    • Trestles: This revolutionary new shape works well for building great looking trestles.
    • Dwelling: You can use the QuaDror to rapidly construct attractive housing, whether you are looking for permanent dwellings, or short term disaster relief shelters.
    • Fenestration: Because the structure’s components can handle outline shapes and even irregular shapes cut into them, it is easy to use different QuaDrors for easily adding windows and other openings to dwellings.
    • Art: The QuaDror is also a thing of geometic beauty, so it has a lot of applications for creating quirky art pieces.

    Dror first imagined the shape as a one off design for part of a lighting fixture he created for the Milan Furniture Fair’s Swarovski Crystal Palace exhibit.

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