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    Concrete At The Chelsea Flower Show

    Pattern imprinted concrete has many great uses around the exterior of a home, with concrete patios, driveways and more providing beautiful focus points to bring disparate elements together into a solid, harmonious design. However, you might not think concrete has much place in the often intricate, delicate designs found at RHS events such as the Chelsea Flower Show.

    Well, think again.

    Elsewhere on our site we’ve already reported on Adam Frost’s 2011 concrete Chelsea Flower show entry, and his is not the only one. Award winning designer and gardener Chris Beardshaw is also turning to concrete for this year’s show. His entry is called Strata, and really pushes the boundaries, including concrete that glows in the dark, transparent concrete, and lightweight concrete for creating delicate structures. A lot of research and experimentation has gone into this piece of work, and we could see some interesting new products available on the market soon as a result!

    And it doesn’t stop there. Concrete is often found at RHS events as a central ingredient in sculpture work and other art pieces. Designer David Undery uses concrete to create beautiful relief wall panels and sculptures, often incorporating terracotta colours. His work featured at Chelsea in the Gold award winning Merrill Lynch Garden of 2005. And the University of Edinburgh’s department of architecture created innovative fabric formed concrete panels, which featured in the 2009 winner of the Silver gilt award and the Most Creative Garden Design Award.

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