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    After a passing love affair with stone and granite, home-owners, designers and gardeners are suddenly re-embracing concrete in droves, whether for pattern imprinted concrete driveways, flexible concrete patio space, or increasingly, futuristic concrete gardens.

    Concrete in the Garden - Make a design statement with concrete

    Concrete in the Garden - Make a design statement with concrete

    The simple fact is that concrete has sustained its appeal. A cheaper material, cast-able, fully mobile, and with great opportunities for mixing and forming, concrete is being used in some decidedly cutting edge ways!

    Recent garden design festivals have showcased the work that cutting-edge designers are doing to bring concrete back to life in our home settings. Sunken concrete gardens traversed with die-cut stepping stones and interspersed with seas of exotic blooms were applauded in the press, and concrete was displayed in various contemporary ways; surfaces for example were scattered with embedded nails and glass, displaying striking texture and patterns and revealing the fascinating nature of concrete’s aggregate elements.

    Proving too that there’s more to concrete than floor laying, designers have been experimenting with mixes and painted applications to make vertical concrete sculptures, which combine the material with iron bars and burnished panels. The artist Cleve West has for example, created some stunning oversized concrete bowls which display the versatility of this material.

    From lime-washed concrete panels to vertical castings and sculptures, polished and waxed concrete paths to sculptures combining concrete, steel and wood – concrete is finally having its day as a medium of artistic expression. And for domestic designers, inspiration can take place in the most usable ways. Install intricately pattern imprinted concrete driveways, or look at polished concrete kitchen worktops and floors, sealed and buffed to demonstrate the natural palette of reds, yellows and greens available, for a surprisingly fresh take on an old favourite.

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