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    Hi there concrete fans! When looking for more ideas and inspiration to inform your latest pattern imprinted concrete designs, the Internet is the gift that keeps on giving. Provided you know where to look. we’d like to recommend Flickr, the legendary online photography community. Flickr’s millions of international members post photos at an alarming rate, and you can find anything on there that interests you, whoever you are.

    Take concrete. We went on flickr and did a search for concrete, and it wasn’t long before we found a slew of interesting designs, textures and more! ¬†And there are a lot more weird and wonderful textures, art and more. Look at these:

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    Photo by Janne Moren View on Flickr

    Try it yourself! Go on flickr and try searching for terms like “concrete” ad “concrete art”. You’ll be amazed at what you find!

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