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    DIY Concrete Driveway Repair?

    For the many of us who have pattern imprinted concrete driveways, the temptation to turn to DIY driveway repair becomes strong as cracks and chips begin to show – particularly in our difficult economic climate.

    Cracked Concrete Driveway? DIY, or Professional Repair?

    Cracked Concrete Driveway? DIY, or Professional Repair?

    However, there are dangers with carrying out DIY concrete driveway repairs, and inexpert action can lead to time-consuming re-work and professional repair- along with large bills!

    Repairing a concrete driveway is a skilled and time-consuming job. You need a power washer, the ability to prime cracks properly and reinforce them with specialist fabric, and the know-how to apply elastomeric basecoats correctly. You’ll need to be handy with grinding machinery and have advanced skills in texturing and trowelling, along with the patience and correct technique for applying the colour coating and sealant.

    For the majority of us, this will mean getting a professional in – however, there’s a less time intensive solution to consider when seeking to improve the look of your driveway – and that is by resurfacing it.

    Also requiring professional help, but at a lesser cost in money and time, resurfacing can truly revitalise regular finish and pattern imprinted concrete driveways, as well as repair cracks. It is significantly cheaper than a total driveway replacement, and offers the option of adding decorative stamping finishes, which can give a high end paving or brick finish.

    A concrete resurfacing professional will advise on your particular situation, and at CD designs we are the experts in concrete design and installation. We’ll arrange to assess your driveway, and advise on whether resurfacing is right for you, and if so, what colour and style options are available for a fresh new look.

    Inexpensive and extending the life of your driveway, resurfacing is the smart way to protect your original investment, and enjoy the appearance of your driveway for many further years to come.

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