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    New Concrete Made From Coal Plant Waste Lasts 10 Times as Long

    The cement industry has traditionally been one of the world’s most polluting – responsible for between five and eight per cent of the world’s carbon emissions.

    However, positive changes look set to occur with the development of a new ‘geopolymer’ concrete which is created from by-products and waste from the coal industry. Not only does this new form of concrete cut carbon emissions by 90%, it’s also so durable that it can last for hundreds of years! This is a significant advantage compared to traditional concrete used in civil engineering, which may start to crack after only a few years.

    The new geopolymer concrete is made from fly ash, which is one of the planet’s most common industrial waste products and currently resides in increasingly large landfills. This has a negative impact on local ecosystems and the overall environment, and is expensive and damaging to the earth’s protective ozone layer.

    According to Science Daily, this new form of fly ash concrete will be offer a better durability, and infrastructure that lasts in the hundreds – rather than tens of years long. Additionally conserving the many areas currently used to dispose of fly ash will help to protect aquifers and fresh water surface bodies.

    Research is still going strong on the geopolymer, so it’s not likely that we’ll see it gracing our patios and pattern imprinted concrete driveways just yet, however the future of this eco-friendly concrete looks good, and brings fresh ‘green’ hope to an industry previously dogged by an environmentally unfriendly legacy.

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