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    Pollution Eating Concrete

    90% fewer carbon emissions and several hundred years of durability are just two of the benefits offered by a new type of concrete developed recently by researchers from coal plants.

    Concrete is Getting Green with Pollution Eating Concrete

    Concrete is Getting Green with Pollution Eating Concrete

    The special type of ‘pollution eating’ concrete offers future eco benefits for town planners, civil engineers and every domestic owner of pattern imprinted concrete driveways and patios, particularly those keen to keep an eye on costs!

    The new geopolymer concrete is made from ash – one of the world’s most common industrial by-products. This new breed of contract will emit less than 90% of carbon compared to its regular Portland cement rival, and will last ten time as long – reducing waste, and leaving more money in homeowners pockets.

    Wider benefits include the possibilities of conserving the thousands of acres of land currently used as disposal grounds for the by-products of coal combustion, along with opportunities to protect fresh water areas and aquifers by reducing fly ash tipping sites.

    Research is still underway, but the industry’s eyes are already firmly fixed on a potential new-breed cement product that can reduce the number of toxic ash dumping sites, capture carbon dioxide, and last for decades. It may be a while until we see our pattern imprinted concrete driveways at home bearing the carbon-munching wonder polymer, but in the meantime, the concrete industry awaits in anticipation.

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