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    Tips For Designing Your New Concrete Patio

    Two of the most popular concrete applications for homes are new pattern imprinted concrete patios and pattern imprinted concrete driveways.

    Tips For Designing Your New Concrete Patio

    Tips For Designing Your New Concrete Patio

    Patios in particular have become hugely popular in a past few years, thanks to design show and lifestyle magazines which have encouraged us to rethink how we use our outdoor space. Not simply for the occasional good weather Summer BBQ, patios are now being developed to encourage ‘non Summer’ usage, with fire pits, durable seating and heated, lit areas for the family to gather in and enjoy the outdoors.

    Patios extend living space and provide extra useful room for entertaining. However, it can be difficult to accurately plan the layout, size and design of a patio without incurring expensive mistakes, so it’s wise to hire a professional to advise and scope out your requirements, before carrying out a professional build for you.

    Basic design factors to consider start with size and the eventual area you’d like your patio to cover. Bear in mind that the addition of garden furniture will rapidly make a ‘naked’ concrete patio space seem smaller – exactly as furniture does within a house, so factor in as much room as possible. A typical outdoor table for four will require at least 12 feet squared. Factor in additional requirements such as loungers, BBQs and any outdoor bar areas.

    Look too at the shape – a simple rectangle may seem obvious, but patios blend far better with the garden when edges are gently rounded into lawns and surrounding plant borders. Poured concrete patios can help to provide more flexible shape options than using fixed paving stones or slabs.

    The eventual use of your patio is another important concern. Heavy entertaining might require a couple of small patio areas, to allow guests to mingle in small gatherings. Connect each space with walkways and lighting. Regular family use for meals may suit a large single patio area better, with a hardscape directly from the backdoor.

    Another very important factor to consider is planning permission or permits, and this applies for many outdoor projects including patios, Pattern imprinted concrete driveways, general extensions and structures, where homes maybe listed or have other restrictions. Check with your council or seek advice from your concrete contractor, who will advise as part of your project.

    With the help of a professional, you can sit back and relax knowing that the patio of your dreams is being constructed expertly, to offer you and your family many years of valuable use and enjoyment.

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