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    A Perfect Patio Accompaniment: Mobile Beer Bar!

    Forget your average British summer, standing on the beach in the rain with an ice cream, or trying to light a BBQ under the cover of a gazebo with threatening black clouds looming overhead. We think this year is going to be kind!
    We’d like you to instead imagine a summers day (or several) where you can just kick back in the garden, sat on the comfy lounger atop your pattern imprinted concrete driveway with a cold beer in hand, with the sweet smell of woodsmoke and charcoal permeating the air.


    Alpina Mobile Beer Bar

    Alpina Mobile Beer Bar

    We have found just the accessory to go with your vision! Created by Alpina, the Mobile Beer Bar is the answer to all your outside party needs. It has the outward look of a futuristic bar, with chrome doors and panels, and sturdy metal hand holds. Inside, you’ve got a refrigerator that holds a keg of beer! You can hook this up to the beer tap mounted on the top of the unit, and serve cold pints of draught all day long … well, until your friends drink it dry.
    But the fun doesn’t end there – the Mobile Beer Bar also has an optional cooking top available for all your BBQ cooking needs, and the whole until is mounted on four study wheels, to allow you to stage your party centre anywhere you like!

    What’s not to love? Well, the cost is one thing, for sure – with a cool prince tag of $11,000, it doesn’t come cheap. But it sure is a cool accessory for the coming hot summer months.

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