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    Australia Unveils A Solar Powered Concrete Bridge … With Light Show

    Ingenious eco-friendly architecture is afoot in Australia! We’ve seen a lot of great uses of pattern imprinted concrete in our time that push the boundaries of both design perfection and environmental concern, but the Kurilpa Bridge – located in Brisbane’s central business district – really pushes the boat out.

    The project cost $63.3 million to complete and involved more than 1000 workers, over 1500 cubic metres of concrete, 550 tonnes of steel and over 6.8 kilometres of cable. The result is a study, aesthetically pleasing structure. There is more than meets the eye, however – the bridge features a remarkably clever LED lighting system that can be programmed to produce different lighting patterns. This will become a regular feature of Brisbane’s legendary annual Riverfire celebration events.

    And the best part?

    The bridge is solar powered! In its “fully lit” mode, the bridge will have around 75 per cent of the power required to run the LED lighting provided by the bridge’s 84 solar panels. In most of the lighting configurations the bridge is likely to be programmed with however, this figure will be closer to 100 per cent. The bridge’s solar panels will have an average daily output of 100kWh per day, with any excess power being returned to the main grid for use elsewhere.

    It is estimated that around 37,000 people will use the combined cycle and pedestrian bridge every week, leading to a reduction in carbon emissions of around 38.7 tonnes per year according to Public Works Minister Robert Schwarten. A true triumph indeed, for pattern imprinted concrete.

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