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    Renewable Energy; Our Future

    Renewable Energy; Our Future

    The environment around us means a lot to the proud staff at CD Designs. We don’t just concern ourselves with the current need for creating beautiful, hardwearing exteriors for your home out of pattern imprinted concrete – we also think about the future, and what impact our work will have on the world around us. We try to make our materials and processes as eco-friendly as possible.
    It is increasingly more important to think about the environment going forward – not only are pollution, landfill and other harmful waste sources building up to critical levels, and sources of fossil fuels being ever depleted, but high levels of global warming are causing irreversible climatic changes that could spell a grim future for all of us.

    To combat such problems, we are relying more and more on renewable energy sources, but we need to convince governments (including our own) to start creating policies that favour large scale renewable energy adoption, putting major financial resources behind such policies, and working with power companies to adopt renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, bioenergy and wave power.

    A recent report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that renewable energy resources will account for more than 80 percent of the worlds’ needs by the year 2050. There is infinite potential for us to harness renewable energy sources, provided we collectively care, at a governmental level, nationally and internationally. So join CD Designs in helping out things for the future: talk to your MP about these issues, and try to reuse renewable resources and energy, and eco-friendly processes wherever possible in your work and play.

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