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    Solar Driveway Markers

    Solar lights are already popular with many gardeners as a low energy way to light a garden or patio in the evening, whether as small lanterns pushed into the soil, or fairy lights strung around a seating area. The technology is becoming ever cheaper and the lights more durable and exotically designed.

    An interesting new product in this line is the solar driveway marker, which would be an excellent feature alongside any pattern imprinted concrete driveway for extra night time visibility. The markers are a metre tall and stick in the ground. They are fully charged by the sun and emit a clear red glow for eight hours overnight.

    Valuable dotted along concrete driveways as something pretty and attractive, these solar markers also have functional uses for houses without outdoor lighting, street lighting – or in areas prone to snow!

    Offering a guide for drivers parking up on their pattern-imprinted concrete driveways, these solar lights offer the additional benefit of requiring no maintenance beyond placing them into the ground, running on only 12 volts and being fully weather proof. They don’t even need full sun in the day – regular light is enough to power them each night, and their LED bulbs emit a surprisingly powerful punch at night.

    They’re definitely worth a try for any household keen to increase visibility on their driveway at night without spending  a fortune – and they look pretty good too!

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