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    Stained Concrete Designs Inside Your Home!

    Concrete Designs Inside Your Home

    Concrete Designs Inside Your Home

    We are well known at CD Designs for our high quality work on home exteriors, introducing some polish and sparkle all over North West with our pattern imprinted concrete driveways and patios! But the good news is that we’ve expanded our horizons indoors – much of our pattern imprinted ideas have been shown to work already, in projects such as our Millet Street, Bury case study, where we used fairly standard pattern imprinted concrete flooring to create a great effect.
    But why should we stop there? There are many more inventive ways that concrete could be used in interior designs. We have seen a number of designers that make use of single piece poured concrete structures for baths, sinks, shelving, and combinations of the above! Take the work of designer Jeremy Levine, for example, in which he has used a single pouring of concrete for the bathtub, sink, and connecting shelving and storage areas. The concrete mix is 50% fly ash – the waste left over after coal is burnt – which is a great use for a waste material as well as providing the concrete with extra strength.

    The concrete is finished off with a bold red colour and a waterproof finish, and the result is a really striking bathroom layout with thick lines, and which seems to defy gravity.

    Image by Jeremy Levine

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