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    The SOFT Rocker: Making Some Noise on The Space Age Patio!

    Ultimate Patio Accessory - SOFT Rocker

    Ultimate Patio Accessory - SOFT Rocker

    These days it is often not enough to simply decorate the exterior of your home with a beautiful pattern imprinted concrete design. Your glorious drive way may have enormous curb side appeal, and your patio may have a dazzling display of colours, shapes and patterns. But what about the accessories? Your furniture is just as important, and the quest is always on to find ever more innovative, attractive and individual items to adorn your domestic domain.

    With this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to the SOFT rocker, a lounger cum chair mainly composed of gentle flowing curves constructed from soft wood, with some subtle but visual pleasing detailing to round the whole picture off. This ornate splendour does however, belie some pretty remarkable technological know-how – the design was brought to life by Sheila Kennedy, and originally unearthed as part of MIT’s 150th anniversary exhibition. On the chair’s overhang is mounted a state of the art thin film solar panel, which during the day feeds a 6-volt battery connected to a charger interface. In tests, the battery has been shown to be powerful enough to fully charge three iPhones side by side in roughly four hours. At night, the battery powers soft, mellowing interior lights that give the whole frame a gentle but powerful glow, akin to something you’d perhaps see inside an alien mothership.

    I’m not sure we’ll see the SOFT rocker available behind the counter at B&Q for a little while, but this seamless marriage of rocking chair, eco-friendly device charging station and interactive art installation is certainly worth thinking about for inspiration and future planning.

    Image by MIT

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