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    Border Designs To Complement Your Driveway

    So you’ve spent time and money installing your new pattern-imprinted concrete driveway. You’ve selected an appealing pattern, maybe opted for a grey, beige or even peach colour mixed in with the concrete, and it’s looking smart and fresh at the front of your house. Now how do you complement it with the right garden and border designs?

    A well designed border will show off your driveway & provide a beautiful backdrop. A landscaped border can be a good option, to work with the contours of the drive and look co-ordinated. Professionally installed raised stone beds edging up to your driveway will provide a great place to plant trailing blooms, vines, shrubs and tumbling blossoms.

    Alternatively, have fun with quirky planters – try old tea chests, wine boxes, tin baths, copper pans or colanders, and plant small violas, pansies, tulips or marigolds in them for a bright backdrop. Place planters along old railway sleepers for a solid raised platform, or use different sized containers to make a border arrangement. Opt for plant pots made from fired clay or colourful glazed finishes, in different sizes to add depth and interest. Mix plants, shrubs and small trees with herbs, tomato and chilli plants, and stacked herb planters for a border that’s both beautiful and functional.

    Solar lighting can be great along driveways, to add extra visibility at night. Plant single solar markers along a driveway for an attractive finish – they cast a soft glow from dusk, using an integral solar battery that charges during the day. Plain versions are available, as well as coloured types and designs including sparking mosaics, traditional lantern styles, and other themes.

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