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    Border Designs To Complement Your Patio

    Every good patio needs a beautiful border design to complement it. The right border will provide a calming, colourful and beautifully scented backdrop to your pattern-imprinted concrete patio, for you to enjoy when sitting to read outside or enjoy a BBQ with the family. A well laid out border can also be used to section off patio areas, provide privacy and even provide an area for growing patio fruit, vegetables and fresh herbs.

    Look for a border that makes use of different levels. A stacked series of raised or built beds can look very attractive, with ferns, creepers and heavy blossoms cascading downwards to create a waterfall effect. It will encourage a feeling of space and depth, allowing the eye to travel up and down, rather than simply across a flat space.

    Rockeries are good for courtyard patios, and plants suited to drier soils will be easy to maintain here. Try mixing pansies and violas with alpine strawberries and colourful daisies. Wildflowers are also a beautiful option, and you can buy ready-made seed mixes to scatter onto prepared soil.

    Why not make use too of containers on your patio, to grow some fruit and vegetables? Tumbling tomato varieties are great on a high planter. Berry canes can be trained up from large containers, to climb a trellis against a wall. Herbs can be grown in small pots or containers on windowsills or ledges. Try growing peppers in growbags, and potatoes in deep portable potato sacks – these take up surprisingly little space, but will help you attain your Five a Day on the patio alone!

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