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    Concrete as Art?

    Although there was an abstractionist art movement in the thirties called ‘concretism’, sadly this had nothing to do with finding beautiful and innovative to ways to use concrete materials.

    Concrete as Art?

    Concrete as Art?

    However since then, design houses and artists have been experimenting with creative ways to use this most ubiquitous of building materials, often with incredibly beautiful results.

    San Francisco based company Transparent House have created some incredible polished concrete floors that are embellished with imprinted floral designs – highly ornate and artistic. The ultimate contemporary floor, they have created a concrete floor that can have any kind of pattern applied – from delicate floral swirls and fronds, to bold indented graphical designs – either after the concrete has set, or during the pouring phase.

    The resulting floors are not only gorgeous to look at, they are also easy to maintain in a pristine polished condition.

    Other companies are doing similarly creative things with other traditional concrete household items. Absolute ConcreteWorks – another American company – have won awards for their incredible concrete countertops, which are presented in coppers and warm rusty browns, so polished that they resemble organic metals. These are works of art in appearance – but wholly functional for kitchen use and easy to maintain and clean.

    However when it comes to the ultimate in concrete-based artistic expression, the Parisian jeweller Patrice Fabre leads the way. The jeweller released a much-talked about collection of Jewellery in the late eighties that combined concrete, diamonds and gold! Using unusual ways of presenting concrete within gold lattices, Fabre used diamonds to highlight the trellising effect, citing architecture, symbolism and modernism as his inspirations.

    Certainly for most of us, this may be an artistic step too far. The average home owner is simply seeking an attractive, well priced and hardwearing pattern-imprinted concrete driveway – but what the above examples do remind us is that concrete is a hugely flexible material offering great options for creativity and customisation. Speak to a professional driveway installer about the range of colours and patterns available for your driveway or patio, and install your own piece of art in the garden

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