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    Creating A Family Friendly Patio Area

    A patio can be a great way for families to enjoy time together outside, but it’s important that the space is designed to be family friendly.

    Firstly, avoid any fragile items. A good patio should be used for eating and relaxing in, but keep glass and good china indoors. Pick solid chunky Perspex or plastic items instead – there are plenty of funky outdoor ranges available at good prices. The same applies with lanterns, candleholders or other breakable patio ornaments – either hang them well out of reach, or avoid them altogether if you want to avoid accidents.

    With patio furniture, opt for the solid types that don’t need folding. Folding chairs are a common source of injuries in children, so avoid them entirely. Make sure the furniture that you do choose is strong and hardy. Avoid iron wrought items if they have spikes, sharp edges or arrows in their design. Only pick wood if it is well finished, so splinters aren’t a risk.

    Try to keep a section of the patio for the kids to enjoy. Perhaps add some small benches to section off their area. Add storage boxes and put their toys in it. Sturdy plastic tables and child-sized chairs will allow them to enjoy dining away from BBQs or adult drinks. Position it near to any grassy areas to they can play easily.

    Avoid water or ponds – they are simply far too dangerous for small children. Even if your own are grown, consider visitors with toddlers. Save the water features until they are older. Similarly with flooring, avoid flagstones or rocky gravel. A simple pattern-imprinted concrete patio provides a durable surface, and play mats can be added for comfortable sitting.

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