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    Creating A Functional Patio Area

    A good patio area will be functional, versatile, and effectively add extra living space to a home.

    If you’re starting from scratch, think about the ground cover. Decking is popular, but can be slippery in wet weather, and require weeding and mending if not installed properly. Concrete can be used creatively to create a hardwearing surface – pick an unusual pattern-imprinted concrete patio, and ask about the range of shades available, so you can create an overall colour scheme.

    Look at sectioning off a patio with raised beds, and create walkways from the home to garden for a large area. Raised areas add interest, and can be ideal for separating children’s play areas with food and entertaining areas.

    Look at making use of garden features. Overhangs and awnings are useful for shade, and nearby trees can be used for hanging bird feeders, wind chimes and lanterns. Train creepers and flowering vines up trellises and walls to create beautiful Summer displays – ideally plants which attract butterflies for glorious Summer time relaxation and observation.

    Use plants creatively – mix pots and raised beds with an array of seasonal plants of different heights, colours and overall looks – delicate fronds teamed with bold blooms and exotic leafed shrubs for lots of diversity and interest. Create a small area near the children’s section where they can grow their own nasturtiums, herbs, pansies and other ‘starter’ plants. Sunflowers in pots are also children’s classics and will encourage them outdoors.

    Look too at sectioning off a BBQ area for the family to enjoy outdoor eating, and leave plenty of space for loungers and chairs – ideally under a shady spot, or with space for a parasol. One of the main benefits of having a pattern-imprinted concrete patio is the opportunity to enjoy food with the family al-fresco – British Summertime permitting of course!

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