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    Decorate Your Concrete With Lighting!

    When you are installing a pattern imprinted concrete design, there are many ways in which you can enhance the basic concrete exterior to really make the design soar. Water is a good option, especially in the garden. Different colours, textures and finishes can create endless possibilities. You can embed materials into the concrete. And there is a whole raft of accessories you could purchase to put alongside your fabulous work.

    But what about lighting? standard lights, LEDs and fibre optics can change the mood and style of your installation in a myriad ways. Before you go jumping in however, you should get some solid experience – have a look at what others have done already, and experiment with different lighting effects. There are many factors to consider with lighting – different times of day will affect the look of your installation, and so will other sources of light coming from elsewhere in the area, or even from the sun. You also need to consider the vantage point that passers by are viewing your work from.

    Of course, the only way to get where you want to be is to get stuck in. With that said, let’s consider a few ideas!

    • You could consider embedding light in walls, patios or countertops. You do anything with this, from simple ambient lighting to bold colourful patterns. How about coupling different coloured LEDs with some simple electronics to create an alternating flashing or glowing pattern?
    • How about using a flickering light to emulate a flame? This could give a really nice feel to an outside installation
    • Use of motion sensors to turn on lights when people come in the room – combined with LEDs or fibre optics – can create great ambient lighting, or unobtrusive night lights for children depending on your needs.
    • Since fibre options don’t actually generate light themselves (they conduct light from other sources), how about shining a bright light onto a surface with fibre options embedded into it, to create a unique pattern? One architect embedded fibre options in floor tiles, and then shined a light on it so that the pattern dynamically shifts as people walk by.
    • As a last idea, you can create some great effects by shining a simple white light through different coloured glass, or through a sheet of metal with a design cut through it.

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