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    Emerging Markets in Decorative Concrete

    CD Designs has been on the scene to provide top quality pattern imprinted concrete driveways and patios and other decorative concrete work for 10 years now, so we’ve seen trends in the concrete market come and go. It may interest you to know that in 2011, remodelling existing work has become much more popular than new installations, and concrete has also become a very common material for interior remodelling, due to its durability and affordable nature compared to some of the more traditional alternatives.

    For example, you might want to consider pattern imprinted concrete for floor surfaces rather than wood or tiling – properly finished, sealed concrete is hardwearing, so can cope with the grind of day to day life. And our advanced staining and patterning techniques mean that concrete can be just as versatile as the next material, if not more so. You can polish pattern imprinted concrete up to a fine shine, if that is the desired finish. It really can lend itself to any requirement.

    And it doesn’t stop there – concrete has become increasingly popular for creating many other types of interior feature. We’ve started to use it for creating worktops, as a versatile, affordable alternative to laminate or stone. We’ve also seen entire bathroom furniture sets made out of poured, finished, painted concrete, with large single pieces used for sink, storage and more!

    Another emerging market is concerned with government departments responsible for, for example schools and parks – there is a lot of concrete work needed to repair such amenities, but with massive recent government funding cuts not much of it can be afforded. It is therefore likely that said government departments will start to employ private firms to do this work, as it will have a lower cost than having to maintain their own building departments.

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