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    Fun With Concrete – Your Own Hollywood Boulevard?

    When thinking about the most glamorous places in the world, you will probably include Hollywood somewhere early in on your list – America’s historical centre of movie studios and movie stars has huge houses, lavish hotels and shops, and many famous landmarks. One of the most famous is the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which spans across Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street for a total of eighteen blocks, and features more than 2400 embedded stars featuring the names of actors, musicians, directors, producers, musical and theatrical groups, fictional characters, and others. This is probably one of the most famous pattern-imprinted concrete designs in the world.

    Fun With Concrete - Your Own Hollywood Boulevard?

    Fun With Concrete - Your Own Hollywood Boulevard?

    When thinking about features to include in your own pattern imprinted work, why not commemorate the life and times of your family, and create your own Hollywood Boulevard equivalent? Granted, you probably can’t afford to install one of these 136 kilogram brass and terrazzo stars for each of your family members, but how about hand and foot prints? You can embed these into freshly poured concrete, and they will last for generations. You could also embed names and ages beside the concrete prints for some extra pizazz.

    There is very little to this technique. Just make sure that your family members have their sleeves or trouser legs rolled up, and let the concrete set for about 30 minutes before putting the impressions in, so that they will hold. Press slowly and firmly down, not too deeply, but deeply enough to leave something recognisable. Write names and ages with a sharp stick or something similar. Afterwards, make sure your family wash their dirty hands in warm water.

    A sure way to remember your little starlets as they were, in years to come!

    Safety First – Concrete can burn / irritate the skin, so make sure you take necessary precautions!

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