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    Incredible Concrete Art – The Bohouse Cafe Floors In Dubai

    Dubai – city of riches. The second largest territory of all of the United Arab Emirates (after Abu Dhabi), Dubai is known worldwide for being an incredibly prosperous place, with its economy thriving originally on the oil industry, and more recently on tourism, real estate and financial services. Dubai is also well known for lavish construction projects and sporting events, so it is perhaps not surprising that there is a lot of top notch pattern imprinted concrete work to be found in this amazing place!

    Incredible Concrete Art - The Bohouse Cafe Floors In Dubai

    One place we discovered recently is the BoHouse Cafe, situated right along the main walk of the Dubai Jumeirah Beach Residence. the whole place boasts a bohemian, arsty, retro vibe, from the quirky lamps and other fittings, to the colourful chairs and floor patterns.

    The floor is what we will focus in on – the designs chosen by designer Osama Shaar are truly breathtaking, with swirls and ripples in a rainbow of vibrant colours, sparkling clouds and colourful disks to add some focus to the patterns, and a white background to offset everything else against.

    The whole seamless design is built on top of a polished fibre-reinforced concrete base, finished with Elite Crete Thin Finish to smooth over imperfections, and Elite Crete’s E100-PT4 Pigmented Epoxy in Beige and white polyurethane to create the white background and protect the surface against decolouration by the hot sun.

    The colourful designs are applied on top of the base layer as cut vinyl sections, with Elite Crete Reflector Enhancer applied over the top in custom blended colours to enhance the vinyl and make it sparkle. The final step is more polishing, followed by application of Clear Epoxy and sealer. Truly a marvel to behold, as you can see.

    Image via Concrete Decor

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