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    Never A Boring Space: Some Ideas For Patio Perfection

    Finished Concrete Patio

    Whatever way you look at it, many of the patios you see out there are boring! It is too easy to just accept the norm, and go with a safe patio installation that just looks like a typical patio, a dull lifeless exterior area of grey slabs or tiling. But it doesn’t have to be like this – pattern imprinted concrete is such a versatile material that you can happily create an exciting dynamic patio area that will inject some real style into your exterior, while retaining a head wearing finish that will last for years.

    For a start, you could consider accessorising your patio. You could choose some tasteful, interesting furniture that goes beyond boring garden chairs – all you have to consider is that it needs to be waterproof and hardwearing. How about a warm, inviting bench? You can go beyond this too – how about a built in fire pit as a central focus point, or a built in BBQ? Flowers can also add a touch of beauty and class – pots full of flowers are cool, but take up valuable patio space, so it might be better to utilise overhanging wooden structures such as trestles or a pergola. Couple this with climbing plants and hanging baskets and you will have beauty and shade!

    Next, you should consider going with a more interesting texture and colour scheme – why not go with a bright colour scheme that will really brighten up the surrounding area? staining and coloured finishes can provide a huge variety of options. You could also go with a polished finish, to create a really different effect. You could even use a clear finish, and embed coloured panels and other exciting design features inside the finish! Why not go for a patio resembling the BoHouse cafe floor?

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