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    Texture Effects Colour: A Consideration Not To Miss!

    When you are working out the design of your next pattern imprinted concrete masterpiece, there are lots of things to consider, one of the most important being the colours you will use.

    However, it often isn’t as simple as just working out the colours you want, and then choosing the right mixture of sand, cement and colour pigments. The colour you choose for the concrete will obviously affect the overall look of the design, but many people don’t realise that the finish can directly affect how the colours turn out. Factors to consider are as follows:

    • For a start, a more reflective surface will result in a lighter colour, due to more light being reflected back at the viewer. You can create a more reflective surface by making it smoother, for example by polishing the concrete. A rougher finish, such as broomed or steel-troweled concrete, will result in a rougher less reflective finish, and a darker colour.
    • Also bear in mind that mind that polishing concrete results in a thin layer of the concrete being removed to reveal a small degree of aggregate. This will also affect the final colouring.
    • It is also well-known that more porous concrete results in a less vibrant colour.
    • The more textured the surface, the more the colour will vary with the viewing angle of the observer. Think about how much variance in the colour you are happy with, on the end result. Brooming concrete can really accentuate this phenomenon, creating a really beautiful shimmering look for passers by to behold. But one quick tip – make sure the broom is not too dry when you attempt to apply the effect, otherwise it may wash out the colour.
    • Different stamps can also drastically affect the final colour perception too – try a really light subtle stamp compared against a deep aggressive stamp, and you’ll see a big difference!

    Food for thought, certainly. For examples of colours and finishing textures have a browse of our case studies.

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