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    Complement Your Concrete Patio with Concrete Furniture

    Concrete Furniture for your Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patio

    Concrete Furniture for your Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patio

    When you’ve got your pattern imprinted concrete patio installed and looking great, accessorising it will be the next step for you to take. There are a wide range of choices, from plants, statues and other decorative pieces, to more practical items such as furniture, BBQs and shelters. Furniture is probably where the biggest choice lies, so here is a thought – why not go for some concrete furniture as a perfect complement for you pattern imprinted concrete patio? It will also have the added benefit of staying put in strong winds, we know ours would have benefited from some this Monday!

    There are a number of design firms experimenting with furniture made out of concrete, one of the most notable being Holmes Wilson, an outfit based in the US. They have fully embraced the idea of marrying form and function, with most of their concrete pieces being pretty low-fi, coming across more like functional art than mere furniture. To break up the plain, smooth curves of their concrete tables and chairs, they have experimented with embossing shapes in the designs, such as leaves and other plant forms. This combination makes the work come across as organic and natural, despite the choice of materials!

    The furniture is fairly heavy, which should come as no surprise, but it is surprisingly comfortable, especially when combined with a choice of cushion. Investigate more today, and see what you find.

    Image via Holmes Wilson

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